Aluminium selfbuilt cabins

Aluminium Kabine mit Kassetten


Great freedom to design the cabin according to your wishes. Dimensions, lay-out and selection and use of different insulation materials.

ALuminium Kabine Seite

Stable and robust

Maximum stability and low weight thanks to the optimized construction. Great for use in extreme conditions while traveling.

T68177R Aluminium Tür mit Schräge

Weight saving

The cabin is light thanks to the use of aluminium. In combination with the many possible insulating materials, a very light cabin can be built.


The cabin is light thanks to the use of aluminium. The material itself is reusable. In combination with the right insulating materials, even sustainable ones like wood fibers or wool, individual production is possible. But also very high quality insulating products from aircraft construction are possible. 

By using industrial powder coating, the cabin gets a surface with increased impact and scratch resistance. Powder coating is solvent-free and is available in many RAL colors.

Aluminium Kabine in CAT Highway Yellow    Aluminium Kabine